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Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal Machine

Alexandrite laser hair removal systems are traditionally highly effectual for white-skinned, dark-haired patients. The Alexandrite laser hair removal system may not be for you if you have darker skin.

The long-pulse alexandrite laser has the ability of deep penetration into the dermis. The resultant heat build-up in the hair shafts disables the hair follicles in the active growth phase which enables it to achieve effective laser hair removal.

Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal Machine

Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal Machine

 Positives / Advantages
  • This laser has a very good skin penetration rate
  • This laser is known to be effective on finer, thinner hairs that other lasers are not effective with

Negatives / Disadvantages

  • This laser may cause pigment changes (darkening or lightening) of the skin
  • It is not that suitable for darker skin tones
  • Hair removal is short term
  • Occurrence of side effects in 2% of dark colored patients treated with Alexandrite lasers

Wavelength: 755
Pulse width: 2-20
Fluence: 10-40
Spot size: 5-10
Repetition rate: 1-5

Devices available
Three different alexandrite lasers are available. These include,
Apogee-40 (Cynosure; Chelmsford, Mass),
EpiTouch Alex (formerly ESC Sharplan, now Lumenis; Santa Clara, Calif)
GentleLASE (Candela; Wayland, Mass)


Alexandrite lasers can be the fastest laser hair removal systems. But they are usually not recommended for any skin tone other than a very white skin tone.

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