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Full Body Laser Hair Removal

Let’s face it, hair anywhere on woman’s body but their heads is not attractive. Hair on the arms, upper lips, underarms, legs or face doesn’t exactly scream feminism. Many women go through great lengths to rid themselves of hair from all over their bodies. Fortunately full body laser hair removal is now an option for woman to permanently remove unwanted hair and never have to worry about waxing or shaving again!

Full body laser hair removal is also common among men as well. Athletic men remove hair to increase their performance. Tattoo enthusiast remove hair from their body’s to show off their body art and body builders will often seek full body laser hair removal because less hair will give them a more muscular appearance.

How Full body Laser Hair Removal Works

Pulsing laser wavelength technology targets the coloration in the hair follicles, effectively preventing the re growth of hair all over the body. The beauty of laser treatments is that because of the melanin absorption there is not damage to the pores nor do they damage the skin tissue surrounding the hair follicles, so the treatment is minimally invasive.

Treatments for Full Body Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal for the most part is painless. Many describe the sensations as a light flick of an elastic band on your skin but today’s virtually painless laser hair removal techniques allow the removal device to glide gently over the skin, creating a cooling sensation that is not at all unpleasant.

Most areas targeted for laser hair removal will require 3 to 6 visits in order to obtain the most permanent results. The number of treatments will depend on several factors such as your skin type, hair type, hair thickness, the growth cycle of your hair and several other factors.

Full body laser hair removal treatment sessions can take well over an hour since the surface area that is targeted is very large. The number of sessions will also depend on your body, skin and hair type.

The Cost of Full Body Laser Hair Removal

The cost of full body laser hair removal treatments is not cheap, however many woman feel that the convenience of never having to shave or wax is well worth the money in the long run. Naturally full body laser hair removal prices will be high because multiple body parts will require treatments.

Full body laser hair removal prices can range anywhere from $700 -$1000 per session with multiple session needed. The average is 4 to 6 sessions for long lasting results.

Prices vary greatly according to the uniqueness of each person. The pattern of hair growth for every person differs, likewise the cost. Laser hair removal charges may vary from clinic to clinic, but would be around the same or on a similar price scale. Several clinics will give you a price break on full body laser hair removal since you are essentially purchasing multiple laser hair removal packages (legs, arms, face, etc.).

For more accurate pricing on full body laser hair removal, it is recommended to setup a free consultation appointment at a reputable clinic near you. Laser hair removal clinics will be able to assess your hair and skin type giving you a better idea of costs and the number of treatments required for you to achieve the results you are looking for.

Costs of laser hair removal clinics can be structured in several ways such as;

Flat Fee — Laser hair removal may be priced based on a flat fee basis. It may be based on a per treatment basis or based on a package of treatments, irrespective of the type of hair growth or the hair growth patterns.

Time — Some clinics fix their prices based on the duration of the treatment. Some may charge per 15 min segment for laser hair removal. The price depends on the length of time taken. The cost of hair removal will, however be effected by the amount of hair to be removed and the speed of the laser technician or the laser hair removal machine.

Fee per pulse — Each time the laser fires, it is called a pulse. Laser hair removal charges can be also priced based on the number of pulses that it takes to complete an area of body hair. Each pulse takes about a second and can remove around hundred hairs at a time.


Full body laser hair removal is expensive, but is the most effective method of permanent hair removal available today. It is also safe and relatively pain free. The only thing stopping men and women wishing to permanently remove hair on their bodies is the costs involved.

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