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Home Laser Hair Removal Machines

Opting to use a home laser hair removal system is an affordably safe and effective way to remove unwanted hair in the comforts of home. Both home and doctor laser hair removal options share the same goal: to remove unwanted hair forever.

Choosing a home laser hair removal system is the better choice for the consumer wanting to save money and time. Convenience in performing the treatments and a single expense are the benefits when compared to doctor treatments for laser hair removal.

3 Stages of Hair Growth

The hair grows in 3 stages: anagen, catagen and telogen. These stages are also known as the growth stage, the transition stage and the resting stage. Anagen, the growth stage, lasts a few days to several years depending on the body location and on genetics. During this stage cells in the roots of hair divide quickly and the hair grows. At the end of this stage the follicles move into the next stage, the catagen or transition stage. The catagen stage is shorter than the stage when the hair grows. This is the time when the hair growth begins to slow down and then stops completely. Nutrients are no longer received by the roots during this stage. This transition from growth to no growth leads to the last stage, the telogen stage. This is the stage of complete rest for the hair follicle.

Laser Hair Removal Process

During the laser hair removal process the heat from the laser reaches the hair follicle during the anagen phase of hair growth, which is the active growing phase. Because of the different stages of hair growth and the uneven cycle of growth for hairs in the same area, multiple treatments for laser hair removal is always needed if optimal results are desired. During the anagen phase the hair follicles are rich in proteins and melanin, making the follicle most receptive for laser treatment during this time.

The laser works by zapping the hair follicles with laser beam energy during the anagen stage of hair growth. The energy from the laser reaches the root of the hair to destroy it. Laser hair removal by a doctor or at home both achieve the desired results with minimal side effects if directions, precautions and timing of hair growth are considered.

Laser Hair Removal Expense

Laser hair removal is an expense that needs to be considered before making a decision on where treatments will be applied. The home laser removal option provides the same outcome as doctor’s treatments but for a fixed, one-time expense. The laser systems available vary in price, but all are safe and effective. No matter the system chosen, an individual is saving money without sacrificing safety or quality of results.

Choosing a doctor to perform laser hair removal leaves you with no option in cost. Prices are different for each body part. Depending on a person’s budget, this may require the individual to select only certain body areas for treatment because of the expense. Each body part is also a different cost. The price of the total procedure is the quote provided by the doctor, leaving the individual with restrictions if he or she plans to stay within a defined budget. With a home laser hair removal system, the expense begins and ends with the purchase of the system.

Laser Hair Removal Risks

Doctor treatments and home laser hair removal treatments both have risks. The risks involved are the same. Any laser hair removal device not used properly will result in unwanted outcomes. Even when used correctly, there are side effects to laser hair removal.

The short term side effects include mild pain during and following the procedure. Swelling and redness may also occur. Blistering and changes in pigmentation may also occur after laser procedure, but these side effects are not as common as redness and swelling. New safety features installed on many home laser hair removal devices reduce these risks, making the home hair removal process as safe as the process performed in a doctor’s office
systems. This safety concern is another reason to choose home laser hair removal.

Home Laser Hair Removal Devices

The Silk’n Home Laser Hair Removal System is one option for removal of hair below the neck. It costs approximately $600.

The TRIA Laser Hair Removal System is another option. It is used for below the neck areas as well. The TRIA is installed with a safety skin sensor to test skin tone. The laser unlocks if the skin passes the test. The cost of this system is about $595.

The Rio Salon Laser Hair Removal System is for use on all body areas including the face. There are 3 different models of this system. The first is the Scanning Rio Laser Hair Remover x60. This model scans larger areas for treatment targeting up to 60 hairs at once. It costs about $650. The second model is the Scanning Rio Laser Hair Remover. This model targets up to 20 hairs at once. It costs about $400. The third model is the Rio Laser Hair Remover, the original model. It treats hairs individually. It costs about $300.

Other options include the Venus Laser Hair Remover CW-808 and the The No! No! Classic Hair Removal System. These systems can be used on the body and face. they both cost about $200.

There are many options to choose from in addition to the ones mentioned. When shopping for a home laser hair removal system an individual begins by identifying what he or she wants to achieve within the identified budget. With a little effort and time put into smart shopping for a laser hair removal system, a person is sure to find the system that’s right to deliver the desired outcomes for long term hair removal.

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