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Abdominal Laser Hair Removal

Abdominal laser hair removal treatments are more common for men, but there are some women who choose to have laser hair removal on their abdominals as well. Men would often combine abdominal laser treatments with chest laser hair removal sessions. Treatments to the abdominal region takes longer due to its size compared to other body parts such as, underarms, eyebrows or upper lip.

Individuals looking for abdominal laser hair removal are people who would like to completely remove hair from above the bikini zone, but below the chest. This constitutes the belly, which is where a great deal of hair can grow.

Advantages to Abdominal Laser Hair Removal

For many men, waxing their abdomens is simply not practical, especially when there is a lot of hair to be removed. Waxing can also be very painful. Shaving is less painful then waxing but can be a very inconvenient option as hair would typically grow back after a few days.

Laser hair removal in the abdominal area can give you more permanent results. It’s also one of the least painful methods of hair removal. The downside to abdominal laser hair removal is the costs associated with it. Especially for larger parts of the body such as the abdominal region, this option can be very expensive.

Treatments & Costs of Abdominal Laser Hair Removal

The average price of laser hair removal abdominal sessions is about $100 to $300. If men decide to do their chest along with the abdominal area then the price will be more expensive per session. After 6 treatment sessions most men are satisfied with the results.

Prices can vary depending on who the candidate is for laser hair removal. If you have darker skin and darker hair, you may require a different type of laser hair removal machine which could result in a more expensive session. It may also affect the time required for each treatment. Other factors such as hair thickness, density, surface area and your geographic location will also influence the price.

Laser hair removal significantly reduces hair growth, but might not necessary keep hair away forever especially on men with high testosterone. However it is the least painful and most effective method of abdominal hair removal today.

Abdominal Laser Hair Removal Pictures

Abdominal Laser Hair Removal Pictures




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Abdominal Laser Hair Removal Videos

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