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Laser Hair Removal Back

Laser hair removal for back hair provides a permanent solution for what many men find an embarrassing problem. Not only is back hair cosmetically unappealing, but it can also cause irritate the skin, making it itchy and, in some cases, causing infection.

The biggest problem with back hair removal for men is the process of removing it. Shaving presents the obvious problem of reach. It is nearly impossible to shave your own back properly. Waxing back hair and hair removal creams are some other options, but again, the back is a hard to reach area. Waxing can also be extremely painful depending on how much hair is on your back.

Back hairs could range from being few and scattered to full and dense. In both cases, laser hair removal can help eliminate or reduce the undesired hair. Just like the other body areas, the type of laser to be used for back laser hair removal needs to be carefully chosen so the patient can get the best possible outcome.

Why Men Consider Back Laser Hair Removal

In recent years, the simplest solution for removing hair from the back and shoulders has become advanced back laser hair removal treatments. Here are some reasons more and more men are considering laser hair removal on their back;

– Back hair is considered embarrassing

– The back is a hard to reach area of the body which makes maintaining it very inconvenient

– Laser hair removal offers a more permanent method than others (shaving, waxing, creams) which have various limitations

– Laser treatments are less painful and more efficient than several other back hair removal options like waxing

– Many athletic men enjoy the benefits of laser hair removal to achieve better results in their respective sports

– Males who are into bodybuilding like to show off their attractive muscles instead of burying them underneath a thick coating of hair

– Males who are interested in tattoos on their back, don’t want the tattoos buried under unwanted hair

– Excessive back hair can cause an increase in body odor, itchiness and irritation

Although laser hair removal is more expensive then some of the more conventional methods, it is a more permanent solution which will save you time and could ultimately save you more money in the long run.

How many Treatments do I need for Laser Back Removal?

Laser hair removal treatments are very quick. One laser session can cover the entire back. Treatment sessions run about 30 minutes depending on the type of hair, density and area size to be treated.

Multiple sessions will be needed to target the different hair growth cycles in the back. Hair grows in 3 different cycles, so treatments are spread out to target the hair follicles growing at different intervals.

Full back hair removal can take up to 8 sessions to achieve permanent results. The number of sessions will depend on hair density and the amount of hair on the back. For a more accurate estimate on the number of sessions your body will need, setup an appointment for free consultation with a reputable laser hair removal clinic.

What is the Cost of Laser Hair Removal for the Back?

Since the back area is larger than other parts of the body, pricing is usually more expensive. For back laser hair removal treatments you should expect to pay anywhere from $200 to $500 per session. Different factors can affect the cost of back laser hair removal.

Some of the factors that will affect each person’s laser treatment prices are hair color, skin tone, surface area, hair density, geographic location and other factors. Pricing for you will be determined in your consultation before any laser hair removal treatments start.

Back Laser Hair Removal Pictures

Laser Hair Removal Back Pictures




Click the image for Back Laser Hair Removal Pictures, before and after.

Laser Hair Removal Back Video

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