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Laser Hair Removal Eyebrows

Eyebrow laser hair removal is an easy and mostly permanent solution to unwanted facial hair. Multiple eyebrow hair follicles are targeted at once by laser, and destroyed to reduce or eliminate any chance of further eyebrow hair growth.

Laser hair removal on your eyebrows can permanently remove hair and prevent it from ever growing back. At the bare minimum it can prevent your hair from growing back for months at a time. A specialist can also shape your two eyebrows so that they are perfectly even which is a lot better than you could do by hand. Unibrow laser hair removal (the glabella area) is a popular area to have laser hair removal done. Universally both women and men suffer from unwanted and potentially embarrassing eyebrow hair in the middle of the eyebrows we call the unibrow. Eyebrow laser hair removal can also help shape and sculpt the eyebrows for that perfect look.

Other Methods of Eyebrow / Unibrow Hair Removal

Shaving: You could potentially shave just above the bridge of your nose to give the appearance of two separate eyebrows; however, the stubble left can make your eyebrows just as bad or possibly even worse.

Waxing: Can be painful for this sensitive area, but there are some specific waxing kits that can help.

Tweezing: Tweezers are the most conventional way of removing eyebrow hairs. This method also referred to as plucking is used by most women and men that have a unibrow. This method can work very well for those who have hairs with shallow roots but can be incredibly painful for those with deep roots.

Hair Removal Creams: Can be a fairly inexpensive option compared to laser treatments and is less painful then plucking or waxing. Some creams can prevent hair growth for weeks at a time. This is not a permanent solution as hairs will grow back.

Unibrow / Eyebrows Laser Hair Removal Treatments and Costs

Multiple sessions spread out over a few weeks will be needed to achieve maximum results in eyebrow laser hair removal treatments. Depending on your skin color, density of your hair and the surface area around the eyebrows you are targeting, anywhere from 3-6 sessions is recommended.

Prices will vary for each person depending on the eyebrow hair surface area, hair color, and density of your eyebrow hair mass, your geographic location and other factors. For accurate pricing, make an appointment for consultation with a reputable clinic near you.

Safety for Eyebrow Laser Hair Removal

Most reputable beauticians and clinics will not perform laser regimen on the area of the face immediately below the eyebrow. This is because this area is too close to the eyes and any laser stream to the eye can cause damages. For safety and protection, laser hair removal candidates should all wear protective goggles to prevent any possible harm to the eyes during the laser treatment.

Choosing the right clinic for laser hair removal treatments will render better results, better safety and lower risk factor especially for sensitive areas around the eyes. Reputable clinics should follow all of the required safety measures in place for performing laser hair reduction on sensitive areas of the face.

Eyebrow Laser Hair Removal Pictures

Laser hair removal eyebrows




Click the image for Eyebrow Laser Hair Removal Pictures

Laser Hair Removal Eyebrow Video

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