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Laser Hair Removal Facts

Laser hair removal is the latest development in recent years to abolish unwanted hair. The procedure has come a long way over the past few years, however there are some laser hair removal facts you should know about before venturing into this realm. First thing to keep in mind is that nothing is guaranteed. Lets get started with the facts!

Laser Hair Removal Facts

- A competent clinic should evaluate your hair and skin type and let you know what they can and cannot do for you

- Your choice of clinic will also be critical to insure that the treatments are done by skilled and competent laser technicians

- Different clinics use different machines. While you may find a great clinic that does a procedure, with one type of laser machine, you may also find a competing clinic that has more advanced laser equipment

- If you are found not to be right for laser hair removal at one clinic; you should seek a second opinion.

- Lasers and pulsed lights work best on people with dark hair and light skin, although there are new devices created to work on light hair and dark skinned people they are less effective.

- Laser hair removal is expensive and the cost increases with the size of the area you want treated

- Laser hair removal is not covered by any health insurance policy, so this will have to be paid for outright, or financed

- Hair starts falling out within 10-14 days

- There is only a success rate of perhaps, 90%. It is only a success percentage rate, which means it is not infallible or guaranteed to be 100% foolproof

- The resulting 10% failure rate manifests itself as, thinner, but still incomplete, removal of hair from the area and can show up as re-growth of hairs that were removed

- Lasers and pulsed light target several follicles at once, so you can treat large areas of skin. While it would take years to perform electrolysis on the back or legs, a typical laser hair removal session on both legs usually takes under two hours

- Laser Hair removal requires multiple treatments

- It takes 4-6 laser hair removal sessions spaced 4 weeks apart to see 70-80 percent reduction in hair growth

- Laser hair removal works better on some people than others. No one knows for sure what the regrowth rates are. Some people notice regrowth after several months or years, while others never have to shave again

- Once it’s determined what type of laser or pulsed light machine will be used, you’ll likely be told to either shave the day of your treatment or three days before

- The pulsed light in laser hair removal feels like a rubber band popping against your skin, although some machines perform differently. Not every zap will hurt. Some areas are more sensitive then others

- After laser hair removal there, may be some normal and expected redness and swelling in the area

Laser Hair Removal Facts Video

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