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Laser Hair Removal Prices in the United States

These are the average US costs of laser hair removal (per session) for different treatment areas, based on current typical costs for laser hair removal prices in the United States. In the US prices vary depending on what state you live in. Below you will find a chart with average prices per session based on region and a chart based on average prices per session based on body part.

Important: Please remember that prices vary on a person by person basis since everybody’s hair growth patterns and skin tone is different.

Region Average Cost for 1 treatment






According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the national average cost for laser hair removal is $429. Fees within various cities may vary depending on whether the doctor’s practice is in an urban, suburban or rural area. This fee only covers the doctor’s costs, and does not include other miscellaneous costs.

Average Cost for 1 treatment
Bikini $350 to $500
Back Hair $600 to $900
Lower Legs $600 to $850
Upper Legs $600 to $850
Arms $350 to $500
Chest $350 to $600
Under Arms $250 to $350
Face & Neck $600 to $900










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