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Laser Hair Removal Cost Prices

Before undergoing laser treatment, it is important that one understands the procedure and the cost that accompanies this treatment. Laser hair removal prices are certainly a major consideration in deciding whether to undergo treatment.

The price of laser hair removal varies greatly according the uniqueness of each person. All patterns of hair growth are unique. Therefore the results of laser hair removal and the cost of laser hair removal will also be unique. That is why some clinics want you to come in for a consultation before they quote laser hair removal pricing.

Factors That Effect Laser Hair Removal Cost Prices

Clinic Location and Geography – Laser hair removal prices will vary depending on where you’re getting it from, meaning the geography of the establishment (country, city, clinic location)

Your Physical Features – Everybody has different features and laser hair removal prices may vary depending on how light or dark your skin or hair is

Density of Hair – Costs may also vary on the density of the hair in the area

Type of Laser Equipment Used – The kind of laser hair removal machine that is used will also determine the prices you will have to pay

Size of the Area to be Treated – The surface area of the region you would like to target

What Body Part – The area on your body you would like hair removed will factor into the time it takes per session

The Number of Sessions – Some areas need more sessions then others and laser hair removal prices are charged per session

Specialist Performing Treatment – The person performing the procedure, meaning the specialist or clinician

Flat Fee Costs

Laser hair removal prices are sometimes made on a flat fee basis. The flat fee might be on a per treatment basis or a package of treatments basis. This could mean that all men’s back are $500 per treatment all of the time no matter how much hair you have on your back.

Package Deals

The Laser hair removal cost may be based on a single treatment fee or a complete treatment package. For convenience of the customer planning to undergo laser hair removal some clinics offer package deals where all the costs are already included, rather than a per session price structure. For example laser hair removal of Bikini line hairs can cost you as a single treatment for $ 120 or you can opt for a package deal of 6 month treatment for approximately $ 600.

Price Based on Time of Session

Similar to the common pricing structure of electrolysis some laser clinics charge per 15 minute segment for laser hair removal. Let’s say a clinic charges $100 per 15 minute segment of laser hair removal. If a woman’s legs takes about an hour, it would cost $400 per treatment. In this case the cost is determined by the amount of hair to be removed, and the speed and expertise of the laser technician and the speed of the laser hair removal machine employed.

Pay Per Pulse!

Laser hair removal pricing can be based on the number of pulses that it takes to complete an area of body hair. Each time the laser fires, it is called “a pulse.” One pulse takes about one second and can remove more or less than a hundred hairs and can range from the area of a dime to the area of a quarter.

For example, a laser clinic might charge a dollar per pulse with a minimum fee per area. A bikini might cost $300 based on a minimum charge of $150 which includes the first 150 pulses and a dollar per pulse thereafter. You only get charged for actual pulses unless you have fewer pulses than the minimum. As you progress in your series of laser hair removal treatments, your price per treatment may decline as you have less hair to be removed. Different lasers have different spot sizes and will therefore have different prices per pulse.


There is no one set price or one standard billing method in laser hair removal costs. Prices are different for each person based on individual body types and billing maybe approached differently by each clinic. The best way to get accurate estimates is to go for a consultation at a clinic(s) near you.

Approximate Costs for Specific Geographic Locations

Laser hair removal prices for the United States

Laser hair removal prices for Canada

Laser hair removal prices for the United Kingdom

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