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Laser Hair Removal Side Effects

Laser hair removal side effects – are they serious? Given the popularity of this method of hair removal it would appear not. However, it is good to have all the information as every individual is different when it comes to skin sensitivity and hair texture.

Laser hair removal is a skin treatment and should be considered as such, more so than a hair treatment. Potential side effects would mostly be conditions related to your skin.

Potential Laser Hair Removal Side Effects

Skin Irritation and Redness is the most common side effect of laser hair removal. This side effect usually goes away shortly after the treatment session is finished. Such side effects are more nuisance than dangerous, causing discomfort and moderate pain.

Skin discoloration is a discoloring of the pigment that makes up the skin tone. This is usually due to the laser targeting the skin rather than the hair follice. This side effect can be readily treated with the use of bleaching agents and other forms of remedies. Hyperpigmentation (the darkening of skin tone) and Hypopigmentation (the lightning of skin tone) it is often temporary, permanent skin discoloration is less commonly documented.

Laser Scaring can be caused in any laser hair removal procedure. This is included as a risk in the consent forms that need to be signed before laser treatment begins. But the risk of scarring from laser hair removal treatment is rather small.

Skin Blistering risks has been pretty much eliminated as a side effect or problem caused by laser hair removal. Tissue cooling can be performed through a contact chill tip or freezing spray to safeguard the dermis. These measures serve to safeguard the skin from excessive thermal abuse.

Post operative crusting may occur in only 10% of patients, treated for laser hair removal with long-pulsed ruby and alexandrite lasers. The cause of the crusting is linked to over treating an area with the laser. Post operative measures can be taken to help avoid this side effect.

Laser eye safety is critically important during any therapy involving lasers. To avoid any damage to the eyes, wavelength-specific laser safety eyewear must be donned by both operators and clients.

Wound infection is uncommon after laser procedures and may be noted in only those cases in which the epidermis has been damaged. Infections can be caused by a number of other things which is not necessary a direct result of the laser. This can be effectively controlled by application of antibiotic and anti viral creams as prophylactic medication after the procedure.

Darkening of Tattoos is possible when cosmetics and tattoos using ferric oxides are converted into ferrous oxides by the lasers and black insoluble pigment is produced within the skin. This can be avoided easily by washing the eyeliner, lip liners or brown liners before the laser treatment and carefully avoiding the tattoos.

Preventing Laser Hair Removal Side Effects

The most effective way to prevent laser hair removal side effects is to be sure your skin characteristics are suitable for treatment. If your skin tone / hair color contrast is not very high, you may want to re-examine if laser hair removal is for you.

Those with tanned skin should wait until the tan fades before undergoing laser hair removal treatments. The tanned skin is more likely to burn and cause blisters.

There are some creams and lotions that can be applied to help prepare skin for treatments as well as help it to recover post-treatment. See your doctor for more information on those creams as well as their consult when deciding if laser hair removal is right for you.


Laser hair removal is for the most part a safe technique. The possible side effects mentioned are very rare and their chances of occurring are all but eliminated if your consultation with the doctor determines that you are suitable for treatment and a trained technician conducts the procedure.

The side-effects can be further minimized by having proper knowledge of the procedure and selecting a good laser hair clinic and a well reputed physician who takes care of clients after treatment difficulties and uses lasers within recommended laser parameters for effective laser hair removal.

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