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Laser Hair Removal Tips

Just like any other procedure you have done to your body you need to ask lots of questions and take some precautions before having the procedure done.

Here are some useful laser hair removal tips that can help make the process go easier and give you even better results.

Laser Hair Removal Tips Before Signing Up

Check out the clinic: One of the foremost tips that you should look out for, before going in for the laser hair removal method, would be to check with a reliable source, about the efficiency of the doctor, equipments, and services.

Ask Questions: Make sure that you thoroughly understand the process from start to finish and don’t start until all your questions have been answered by the doctor.

Skin and Hair Color Questions: Ask how this procedure will work on someone with your particular skin color and hair color.

Kind of Treatment: Inquire about the kind of laser treatment that would suit you, the kind of radiation to be used and the type of pain relievers that are available with the doctor in the clinic.

Check out the Contract: You should look for the terms and conditions in the treatment papers, know the ways that will be applied on you, make sure of the prices of each process before signing the papers for the Laser hair removal treatments. There might be hidden costs that could alter the entire cost.

Laser Hair Removal Tips for Preparation of Treatments

Skin Test: At the time of treatment, ask your doctor for a skin test, on a smaller section of the targeted area. This would give you an opportunity to know whether the treatment would cause any kind of after-effects later on.

Shave Area: At least two to three days before the laser hair removal procedure, you should§ shave the area and allow it to grow stubble.

Avoid other hair removal methods: Avoid indulging in any other temporary hair removal techniques such as plucking, waxing and electrolysis for ast least 1 month. You need to make sure that your skin is not aggravated on the day of your laser hair removal.

Protective Cream: To avoid all discomfort apply ask your doctor about applying a thick layer of over-the-counter cream with anesthetic lidocaine to your skin at least an hour before the treatment.

No Lotions: It is strictly prohibited to apply lotions, creams, makeup, perfumes or body sprays right before the treatment. Not only would they reduce the effectiveness of the treatment, but can be counter-reactive as well. In case you want to apply comforting creams before the hair removal procedure, check with the doctor.

Avoid Medications: To reduce the risks of complications in Laser hair removal, you should not take medications like aspirins, and other non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drugs, and dietary supplements like niacin and vitamin E. If you are on medications consult the doctor, before undergoing laser hair removal.

No Tan: If you have a tan from intense UV sunrays then wait for the tan to get over and then go for Laser hair removal.

Healthy Skin: In case you are suffering from any kind of skin disease or disorder, avoid taking the treatment.

Eye Protection: You should wear goggles to protect your eyes from accidental exposure to laser lights.

Pre Instructions: Make sure to follow the pre-treatment instructions very carefully.

Laser Hair Removal Tips for After Treatments

Pain afterwards: In case after the treatment you are suffering from pain, swelling, redness, blisters, scarring and skin discoloration then visit the doctor immediately to get the best results.

Post Instructions: Once the laser therapy gets over, follow the post-treatment instructions carefully, to get best results.

Avoid Tanning: Tanning is best avoided for two to three months after undergoing the laser hair removal treatment. Do not forget to apply the prescribed sunscreen formula, prior to sun exposure.

Hydrate Your Skin: Keep your skin hydrated after the treatment to help it heal quickly.

If you take the time and follow these laser hair removal tips you should have a much better outcome and a lesser chance of having any side effects or hair re growth.

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