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Laser Hair Removal Underarms

Underarm Laser Hair Removal is a common procedure for patients seeking to remove unwanted hair in their armpits. Many times this area can be forgotten about leading to some potentially embarrassing moments. Grooming underarm hair can be inconvenient and a lack of grooming can cause an increase in body odor. Underarm hair removal is common for both men and women.

Underarms are an ideal place for laser hair removal. It is a smaller section of the body that requires a shorter amount of time for each session. The number of treatments is also much lower than larger body parts such as chest, back or legs, which makes underarm laser hair removal more affordable for the average person.

Armpit Underarm laser hair removal is also a good test area for those who have the desire to receive laser treatments and are curious and unsure what to expect. If you are considering laser hair removal on other parts of your body, testing out the process on your underarm is a good starting point since it’s a smaller and cheaper area that isn’t as exposed publically like other areas.

Alternatives to Underarm Laser Hair Removal

Shaving has long been the most popular form of hair removal. It can be done in the shower, it’s quick and once you get the hang of it, painless. This is a temporary solution to unwanted armpit hair and the convenience of regularly shaving has drawn a large crowd towards a more permanent laser hair removal option.

Waxing can make your skin hair free and smooth and is a relatively inexpensive hair removal option. It can be done at home or you can choose to have it professionally done at a salon. A potential problem with waxing is that the pulling on the delicate skin can cause it to loosen if you wax regularly, which could be uncomfortable and unsightly. Again this is a temporary solution compared to underarm laser hair removal.

Hair removal creams is also an option which can be effective. However, more women are discouraged from using them, as the chemicals can be irritating. They are especially problematic for the delicate underarm, because chemicals can seep more easily into the bloodstream from there than from the legs.

Advantages to Armpit Underarm Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal has been growing in both efficiency and popularity for several years. The light of the laser hits the follicle and damages it which in some cases can permanently stop hair growth. A series of treatments is spaced over a number of weeks in order to destroy the hair root in all its 3 growth cycles. Hair can initially grow back, however it is thinner and lighter.

Sessions for underarm laser hair removal are quick and relatively painless process. Most people who have had laser hair removal treatments agree that the improvement is tremendous.

Treatments, Sessions and Cost of Underarm Laser Hair Removal

Since this is usually a small area to treat (armpits), removal of underarm hair is one of the fastest procedures in laser therapy, requiring only several minutes of treatment time. The procedure is generally without much pain and the average cost per session is $100 to $250. The number of sessions will depend on how dense the armpit hair is.

Increasingly, more women are opting for permanent underarm hair removal. The pleasure of not having to shave every day and always having sexy smooth underarms is worth every penny to many women.

Underarm Laser Hair Removal Pictures

Armpit Underarm Laser Hair Removal




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Laser Hair Removal Armpit Underarm Video

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