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Laser Hair Removal for Women

For many women, unwanted hair can be a nagging problem. Excess hair in women is known as hirsutism which can be a major cause for concern. Hirsutism in women affects places such as the upper lip, chin, chest, top of the shoulders, and the lower abdomen and many women worry about this.

Getting rid of this unwanted hair can be painful. Until recently, the only choices that were available for removing unwanted hair were smelly hair-removal creams, sharp razors, hot wax or painful electrolysis needles.

Enter laser hair removal for women. Today, advanced medical lasers and light systems provide the ultimate solution for permanent laser hair removal, which can be carried out all over the body. Because lasers are a permanent solution, this method of laser hair removal has become increasingly popular.

Laser Hair Removal for Women Top 5 areas for treatment

1. Facial Hair Removal: As women get older they become more susceptible to hair growth on their face. This can range from the upper lip to chin to side-burns. And, this can be quite embarrassing to most women. Razors, waxing and other hair removal methods are less desirable for these sensitive facial areas.

2. Leg Hair Removal: With all the razors, creams and lotions, manual hair removal on your legs can be very expensive. Shaving your legs everyday is probably more costly in the long run. Aside from the costs involved, manual hair removal is very time consuming. In today’s world most women have very busy schedules and this extra time each day can become a major inconvenience which makes this area of the body more and more popular.

3. Bikini Area: With summer approaching fast, this is one of the most treated areas on the body. No women out there are willing to take the chance that there will be peaking hair around the bikini area! So, what does a woman do? She’s going to resort to the shaving or waxing or sugaring methods because she wasn’t planning on hitting the pool at her friend’s house. Laser hair removal to the rescue once again… With this treatment, you don’t have to worry any longer that things are touched up down there! Nope, your friend asks you to go for a swim and… No worries… you know all things are trimmed where needed!

4. Under Arm Hair Removal: Women weren’t meant to have hair under their arms, period! That is why women take the time to shave this area and save themselves the embarrassment of some of that unwanted underarm hair peaking its head around the corner. Why not just get rid of these unwanted visitors forever!

5. Areola Hair Removal: Now, not all women have this issue but a lot do. This is the hair that grows around the nipples and can surely be embarrassing whether you are at the doctor’s office or showering at the gym! These hairs can also be waxed, shaved and tweezed but with laser hair removal they can be gone permanently.

Of course these aren’t the only areas of the body that can be treated but they are usually the most sought after areas for women.

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