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Rio Laser Hair Removal System

The Rio Salon Laser Hair Removal System is designed for home use. You can now enjoy the benefits of noticeable hair reduction without paying for expensive salon treatments. Completely painless and chemical-free, this device removes unwanted hair quickly and easily. It features a power outlet to suit different hair types and kills hair at the root without affecting the surrounding skin. It is suitable for legs, arms, bikini line, underarm and facial hair.

Rio Laser Hair Removal System Pictures


How does it work?

Laser hair removal works by sending laser beams to the hair follicles with enough energy to destroy the root, without it affecting the surrounding area. This process is known as photothermolysis. There are no chemicals or painful needles. It uses a safe 808 nm diverging laser. The device has a security key to avoid misuse and a security code. It also features secure skin check, hair targeting light and a digital power output control.

For best results, use this hair removal system only on light to moderately pigmented skin types.

Comes With

• Rio Salon Laser Hair Removal System

• AC adaptor 120VAC 60HZ 15W

• 2 keys to lock or unlock the system

• DVD manual

• Instructions manual

• User manual

• 2 year warranty

There are 3 different types of Rio Salon Laser Hair Removal Systems.

Scanning Rio Laser Hair Remover x60 – Automatically scans larger areas for a quick and easy treatment. This home machine can target up to 60 hairs at once. This is the top model that costs about $650 USD.

Scanning Rio Laser Hair Remover – Treats up to 20 hairs in a few seconds. This home laser hair removal machine costs about $400 USD.

Rio Laser Hair Remover – The original Rio Laser Hair Remover treats individual hairs and runs for about $300 USD.

Rio Laser Hair Removal System Videos

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